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The Big 5 Interior Colour Trends For 2022

2022 looks set to be a more positive year than the two that went before, and with that upbeat vibe in mind, it isn’t too surprising that the big 5 interior colour trends right now are bright, light, and cheerful. 

As we emerge from the dark days of the Covid-19 pandemic into the “new normal”, design trends are also emerging from the dull, muted tones of yesteryear and are embracing a more joyful feel.

Here, we take a closer look at five of the top interior colour trends for 2022 so you can take inspiration for your next project. 

Off-White Softness 

Instead of glaring and stark plain white walls, the trend for 2022 tends towards a more muted, off-white shade. Bringing softness and a feeling of comfort into any space, this timeless hue is familiar and nostalgic and, of course, pairs perfectly with a host of other colours. 

One hot look is to combine this gentle and versatile colour with other soft, pastel tones, for example, a blush pink velvet armchair for a dreamlike ambience. The alternative option is to embrace dynamic and vibrant accessories to bring a pop of colour to the room. 

A dramatically patterned blanket draped across an off-white sofa creates a sophisticated and stunning effect. 

Sunshine Yellow

After seemingly endless lockdowns spent indoors, more of us than ever before have felt the need to bring a little sunshine into our homes, and what better way than by opting for a sunny yellow colour scheme. 

From wholesale room makeovers to accents of vibrant yellow, it’s a look that brings cheer into any space. Simply adding a piece of yellow furniture can achieve a dramatic effect – for example, a curry yellow linen and cotton blend weave armchair brightens up any living area effortlessly. 

Calming Green

After the stress and worry of the pandemic, we could all do with a little more calmness in our lives and green is known to be the most relaxing shade. 

Reflect nature and the outdoor environment, and bring your garden indoors with an elegant three seater forest green boucle sofa that will perfectly complement your much-loved house plants and foster a sense of overall well-being. 

Mediterranean Red

Conjure up the warmth of Mediterranean climes with a rich and deep shade of red for your interiors. 

The perfect partner to woodwork and gold detailing, a two-seater sofa in beautiful Bordeaux velvet or Armchair in Mace weave creates the ideal blend of contemporary sophistication and rustic beauty, especially when combined with antique furnishings and a monochrome paint palette. 

Vintage Blue

The vintage trend has long been popular and there’s no sign of it abating in 2022. Striking, timeless blue shades can be used to create a beautiful, inviting look in any home, for example, by adding the navy cotton velvet Aggy four-seater sofa with its traditional style to your living space. 

We boasts an amazing array of colourful and elegant furnishings and accessories that will perfectly complement this year’s interior colour trends. With a short 3-to-4-week lead-time for sofas and with Europe manufacturing at the very heart of its operation, this UK small business is creating a timeless brand with lasting appeal.  

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