Sofa, Armchair & Ottoman Delivery

Sofa Delivery - Flown the Coop


How do we deliver and why do we charge?

Transporting large heavy items to were they need to go isn't particularly easy. At very least it requires muscle power, a fully fuelled large vehicle and a good deal of time. For this we use a happy two man team and they will lift your order into place and keep you updated all the way.

This is not a service we are able to offer for free especially as a small business. Sure, we could hike up our retail prices to include it but we want to be honest when it comes to what things cost.

We have set our delivery charges on par or better with bigger brands and even though in most cases our charges don't completely cover the real costs we feel it's best for us to stay competitive.

How much do we charge for this service?

Ottomans - £30

Armchairs - £40

Two Seater Sofas - £45

Three/Four Seater Sofas - £50

Corner Sofas - £60

Will it fit through my door and beyond?

Oh do we have some stories to tell about sofas not fitting through hallways, round corners and up stairwells. We try our best to give you as much information as you need to measure up for your space. It's easy to forget that there is a route to navigate to get it there.

When it comes to the three and four seaters you may need to consider the path that leads from the van to final resting position. We may request photos or even better a walk through video to see for ourselves what lies ahead. Our experienced team will be able to assess so if you aren't sure about it please get in touch with us and we would be more than happy to discuss.

What if you have more than one item?

Think our stuff is so nice you need to order at least twice? Our system for calculating shipping gives discounts on multiple items - that is if they are all going to the same place at the same time. Usually this would mean 25% off the second item and 50% off your third item and above.

When can I expect delivery?

Large items are delivered by our two man delivery team and we expect to have them delivered within 7 working days of the items arriving in our warehouse. Once everything is built, packed and safely with us at HQ we will be in touch to arrange a date to suit.

Two days before we will give you an estimated time of arrival and on the day we will notify you 30 minutes in advance of the team being with you.

We deliver our items Monday to Friday between 8.00am and 8.00pm. We may be able to delivery around these hours or on Saturdays for an additional charge.

Are we able to deliver outside of mainland UK?

We have looked at options for shipping large items outside of mainland UK whilst being able to trust the care our items need on their journey so they arrive safely.

We have not added a firm option yet but are always looking for something that can work for us. However, we would be happy to help you with a quote if this is something you require.