Nifty Fabrics

Nifty Fabrics by Flown The Coop

With the demand of technical fabrics on the rise and all of a sudden stain and spill resistant the buzz words in the upholstery sector we thought we would do our best to catch up.

Our Nifty collection of fabrics is our answer and the best part is we haven't had to compromise on quality or feel to do it. In fact our Nifty fabrics are the some of the finest on the global market whilst offering the highest level of stain resistance we know of. This makes caring for your sofas a breeze and at our friendly prices we show it doesn't have to cost you the world for peace of mind. That sounds pretty nifty to us!

Nifty Cotton Velvet

As if our cotton velvet wasn't already amazing we've gone one step further and made it fully stain resistant and not through the usual coatings applied after production.

Through a game changing solution in the weaving process we believe we have reached a higher level of resistance whilst keeping all the beautiful features of a luxurious matte cotton velvet.

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Nifty Wool

Our Wool is the real deal and once again we have taken it to new heights. Not only do you get all the fantastic technical benefits of natural wool fibres but we use recycled wool and you better believe it's got all the GRS (Global Recycling Standard) certifications.

Wool is nifty because it's naturally flame retardant, spill resistant, odour resistant, biodegradable, wrinkle resistant and of course super comfortable.

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