Our All Access Sofas

Our new 'All Access' collection includes our Dalton, Nika & Fowey ranges.

This means that you are able to order any of these sofas to be built in a slightly different way, allowing them to be delivered in a flat pack form which eradicates any issues there might be with accessing your property.

Access is a very common concern when taking delivery of a large piece of expensive furniture and its always a massive shame when your furniture is unable to make it its final resting place especially after a long patient wait.

If you do have major concerns then our All Access option is just for you. We use modern clips and fixings that are made specially for quick, easy assembly whist maintaining a super level of strength.This also allows for you to disassemble easily if you ever decide to move your furniture around.

If you want to pursue this option it is no extra charge. Please get in touch using the chat app on our website or using the email hello@flownthecoop.co.uk and we'd be happy to discuss whether this is the right option for you.

Thank you :)