The Flown The Coop Way

Our approach from the start has always been to offer high quality upholstered furniture for respectable, affordable prices and with lead times that won't keep you waiting too long.

For us, that's what's really cool and not sitting around telling your friends you spent thousands on a big branded sofa that you have to plump three times a day and waited four months for.

The truth is our standards are right up amongst the elite. We use extremely skilled upholsterers, strong hardwoods, high grade fillings and fabrics from the most respected mills in Europe. So why pay two, even three times more?

Sometimes lower pricing can imply lower quality and standards but we can assure you that with us that simply is not the case. As a young, small business we don't have huge overheads such as snazzy showrooms, big budget marketing, large staffing and glitzy lifestyle photoshoots. So really, the brands that offer this add these costs to their pricing so you spend twice as much just to be convinced of buying the product in the first place.

We let our products do the talking and they do that pretty loudly. So why not try a new company and save yourself some shekels that you can put towards other projects.

Have a browse and if you need any more convincing feel free to get in touch and we will answer any questions you have.


Flown The Coop